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Seatings for special areas

Seatings for special areas

Shell from one to more seats, with painted metal structure arranged for fixing on steps.

Ideal for: Sports facilities, auditoriums.
Optional: versions that can be equipped with a system with forward rotation for lifting the body, row and seat numbering, metal structures and bodies prepared for external fittings, floor fixing kit, seat panel or seat panel + backrest.

Seats with folding seat, painted metal frame, prepared for attachment to vertical walls:

  • Versions with seats and backrests in natural beech Vekta series.
  • Versions with copolymer seats and backrests in different colours Delfi series.
  • Versions with fully upholstered seats and backrests in different colours Vulcan series.

Ideal: special space requested.

Optional: upholstered seat or seat and back seating, beech with real natural wengé wood seating, painted beech wood effect birch or oak or wengé, floor or wall fixing kit.


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